AI Chatbot Questions and Answers

AI Chatbot QandA 1

On 18 December 2023, my AI Chatbot went live. I was the first in Lean world to use this new technology on a web site. Since then the AI Chatbot has been asked hundreds of questions that range from interesting to funny to odd. Sometimes, people just make a statement or observation. And in some cases, people seem to think they are speaking to me live and await a response (that’s strange!).

I have periodically posted collections of AI Chatbot Q&As in LinkedIn. It makes for interesting reading to learn what is on people’s minds and the challenges that they are struggling with. Overall, the AI Chatbot provides very good answers. But please, NEVER confuse AI Chatbot answers with answers that I would give you if you spoke with me.

Below are the collections of AI Chatbot Q&As posted on LinkedIn (.pdf files). Please note that all inputs came from visitors to (“users”). No questions came from me. No questions were provided by me for input by a third party. Also, the AI Chatbot (and my AI Book Chatbot) were upgraded to the latest technology on 7 July 2024.

AI Chatbot Q&A, First Edition

AI Chatbot Q&A, Second Edition

AI Chatbot Q&A, Third Edition

AI Chatbot Q&A, Fourth Edition

AI Chatbot Q&A, Fifth Edition

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