How My Work Has Evolved

The image below visually depicts how the books that I authored or co-authored have evolved since 2003.

Evolution 1

The main line pertains to Lean transformation and Lean leadership, proceeding to critiques of Lean leadership and Lean management, and then on to planning for Lean in the future. Above the main line is a second major line of work focused on why leaders resist or reject Lean management. Below the main line are major tertiary works related to kaizen and Lean in higher education. The remaining works are either unrelated to Lean or pertain to the history of progressive management.

The books represent a wide range of subject matter that reflects my evolution in thinking and interests related to progressive leadership and management. They also reflects a range of writing styles. Click here to view the books arranged by subject. Anyone interested in progressive management and innovative ways of understanding leadership can draw upon this great abundance of material to learn from.

The inspiration to create the image came from a famous and highly respected Lean guy, author of couple books (on the same topic), who told me recently that I failed to evolve in my work. 🤣 I doubt this person would say that of his colleagues, Art Byrne, James Womack, or Jeffrey Liker. Oh well, some good always comes from criticism — even if it is wildly off-base!

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