Introducing My Book AI Chatbot

I am excited to bring you this great new feature! Introducing “Bob’s AI Book Chatbot.”

As you know, I have written 28 books across a variety of subjects. Perhaps you, like many others, would like a way to obtain useful information but you do not have the time to read a book.

The AI Book Chatbot will quickly help you get the information you need. So don’t let time constraints or a dislike of reading books stop you from getting the information that you need to succeed!

The AI Book Chatbot gives you 24 hour access to US$635 worth of books for only US$20. And you can ask unlimited questions! There are over 175 sample questions to get you started.

Keep in mind that AI chatbots are a new technology. So please read the terms and conditions for chatbot use which describe important information regarding limitations of use, copyrights, “fair use” of chatbot responses, and the proper format for citing chatbot responses.

Below are instructions for accessing the AI Book Chatbot. Enjoy!

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