Lean in Higher Ed Conference – Part 3

Day two of the conference began with a 2-hour panel discussion with Bill Balzer, myself, and Tammy Sinha, moderated by Prof. Jiju Antony, that covered a range of topics related to Lean in higher education. We received numerous insightful and challenging questions.

This was followed by late morning and afternoon workshops. I gave a workshop on Lean teaching and how to apply kaizen to academic programs. For the Lean teaching presentation, get a copy of The Lean Professor. Download the kaizen part of the presentation here.

I attended the afternoon presentation given by Mark Robinson of the University of St. Andrews. Mark gave a wonderful description of the evolution of Lean practice at St. Andrews. You can view his presentation here (also view the Becoming Lean Pocket Guide). In my view, St. Andrews is doing some of the best Lean in HE work anywhere in the world. They have had some fantastic success in improving many administrative processes.

Overall, I found the conference worthwhile and inspiring. I thought of several new things that I will do to further improve my Lean teaching pedagogy.

After the conference, a pint of Guinness was had by all!

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