Lean Teaching Q&A #2

Question: Do you assign any of the books you have written to students for the courses that you teach?

Answer: I have done so in the past, but not since 2006 (Better Thinking, Better Results was assigned as required reading for my Lean Leadership course ca. 2003-2006). The books are neither required nor recommended reading in any of my courses because I do not want any conflicts of interest. Students can make independent judgments if they want to buy my books.

Other professors use my books, mainly for graduate courses in management, technology management, engineering management, etc. They use Better Thinking, Better Results, and, to a lesser extent REAL LEAN, Volume One. The intended audience for my books is senior managers, not academics or their students (unless the students are in an executive education program). Though the two books cited above seem to work fairly well in graduate courses.

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