Means and Ends in Management Systems

I have written a new research paper that you may be interested in reading. It builds on my previous work (listed below) and expands the understanding of why most business leaders resist or reject Lean management. The abstract is shown in the image below. Click on the image to read or download the paper. “Feed your brain, improve your practice.”

Teleology CLT

Previous work includes the research paper and three books listed below:

The Transformation of Lean: A Social Theory of the Lean Movement

The Triumph of Classical Management Over Lean Management: How Tradition Prevails and What to Do About It

Irrational Institutions: Business, Its Leaders, and The Lean Movement

Management Mysterium: The Quest for Progress

You have tried hard to advance Lean management in your organization, and maybe in other companies as well. You give leaders all the data and reasons why Lean work and will be good for the company, employees, customers, etc. But the result each time is failure or limited success — permission to use some Lean tools. Why did this happen to you? Why does the same thing happen to nearly everyone?

Futility is not mandatory.

My research answers this and many other questions that have been around for more than 100 years. What you learn from me will improve your understanding of what you have been up against. It will also help you improve your understanding and practice of Lean management.

I invite you to share your thoughts with me.

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