Reefer Sanity

weedIt is unfortunate that managers are not allowed to smoke marijuana at work. After all, they are not doing anything too important. If they were high, they might finally slow down, go for a “Reefer Walk,” and see what is actually going on.

Here is the conversation between four managers, all solidly stoned on “ABNormal,” after watching a batch-and-queue process on the shop floor for the first time:

Manager #2: “Whoa, that’s fucked up.”
Manager #1: “Soooo fucked up.”
Manager # 3: “Yeah, way fucked up.”
Big Boss: “Man, I can’t believe how fuckin’ fucked up it is.”
Manager #2: “Dude, we’ve been telling each other we’re doing a great job. That’s so wrong.”
Manager #1: “Shit, I just realized my work is totally meaningless. Wow.”

Here is the conversation between four Lean managers, one stoned on “Zensation,” the other on “Flow,” the third on “Sensi Kush,” and the team leader on “Jiffy Pot,” upon observing a process on the shop floor after kaizen:

Manager 3: “That’s wicked cool.”
Manager 2: “It makes me want to cry.”
Team Leader: “It flows; it’s beautiful.”
Manager 1: “Their creativity is amazing!”

It turns out you don’t need a burning platform. A burning spliff will do. And it works better too!

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