Teaching Surveys – Interim Results

As you may know, I have been collecting data for two teaching surveys: “45 Teaching Errors” and “The 10 Percent Problem.” Click on the image below to view a .pdf file presenting the interim data and analysis (special thanks to Kamna Tiwari for preparing the bar graphs). Key findings are summarized below (click on image to view presentation, .pdf file, 25 pages).interim_survey_results2

Key findings for the 45 Teaching Errors 

The top 5 teaching errors are:

  • Cannot teach
  • Fail to engage class in the discussion
  • Go too fast
  • Does not use real-world examples
  • Not communicating what students are expected to know

Key findings for The 10 Percent Problem

Top drivers of the 10 percent problem are:

  • Focus on Results (enrollments and graduation rate)
  • Lack of Management Experience in Industry
  • Ineffective Equipment
  • Unfocused/Confusing (teaching materials)
  • Poor (teaching) Metrics
  • Focus on Results (teach the course) vs. Process (how to teach well)

I hope you will share your comments or observations on the survey interim results.

And feel free to share this post with your colleagues.

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