The Enemy of Lean is Classical Management

This page summarizes the research that I have been engaged in since 2007 to unravel the most important question that we have all had for many years: Why do leaders resist or reject Lean management?


Read the three books in the order shown above, staring with The Triumph of Classical Management (US$65 total investment, print or e-book), and finally the research paper to clearly understand what you are up against. They will answer all your questions. You must know this information so that you are aware of the hazards in interacting with top leaders and do not become a victim, and so you can figure out new and better ways to advance Lean management in your organization. As a Lean advocate, it is imperative that you understand the “institution of leadership,” how leaders think and why they do what they do (the “lay of the land”), and the eight categories of archaic preconceptions that have entrenched classical management. Click on the links below to learn more about each item.

The Triumph of Classical Management Over Lean Management: How Tradition Prevails and What to Do About It

Irrational Institutions: Business, Its Leaders, and The Lean Movement

Management Mysterium: The Quest for Progress

The Aesthetic Compass: Foundation of Leadership Action and Inaction

Once you understand these works, you can move on to the next important question: How to get leaders to accept progressive Lean management.

Finally, you may also be interested in the research paper below.

Teleological and Ateleological Analysis of Classical, Lean, and Toyota Management Systems and the Lean Movement

The Transformation of Lean: A Social Theory of the Lean Movement

I invite you to share your thoughts with me.

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