The Lean Enterprise Institute’s Deception

Did you notice the change? The truth lasted only one month. It looks like Lean transformation, unlike anything else in existence, is not subject to failure. 😂

Lean Failure Pitfall Change

This change is typical of a classically managed organization!

Taiichi Ohno recognized the likelihood of failure. He said:

Companies make a big mistake in implementing the Toyota production system thinking that it is just a production method. The Toyota production method won’t work unless it is used as an overall management system… those who decide to implement the Toyota production system must be fully committed. If you try to adopt only the ‘good parts’, you’ll fail.

Taiichi Ohno in NPS: New Production System, by I. Shinohara, Productivity Press,1988, p. 153 and 155.

This further proves the point that Lean ≠ TPS.

It is ironic that an organization that promotes problem-solving works hard to avoid relevant new information that would help solve the problem.

Where is the credibility?

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