Weekly Learning Reflections

This semester I introduced a form for graduate students to use during the semester to document key learning week-by-week. It is called the “Weekly Leaning Reflection.”

The course, Supply Chain Strategy, is taught as a hybrid, meaning about 50 percent of the classes are face-to-face and 50 percent of the classes are online. My concern was that in the weeks we did not meet face-to-face, some of the key learnings might be missed.

Weekly Learning Reflection

So far, it seems to be helpful for those students who really want to get some lasting knowledge from the course. Here is what a student had to say:

“You’re weekly reflection sheet is a great tool. I wished I had had it for TM590 and TM572. When finished, it and the visual control will help as a reminder of the important points and learnings of the class. I will use the same idea in my future classes, it is easy to forget certain aspects when you stretch the course work over five years!”

I intend to introduce this form into my other courses. You may find it useful to do so as well.

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