Why Business Schools Should Teach Lean Management

In a previous blog post, I identified business schools as one of the existential threats to Lean management. I said: “If Lean management is not taught in the world’s top business schools, then how important can Lean be?” Below is a video in four parts of me giving a presentation to a business school faculty in which I make the case that Lean management should be taught to MBA students. The video was recorded on 28 January 2016.

I believe you will learn much by watching these videos because I present Lean management from a perspective that is quite different than usual. Also, let me know what you think. Did I make a good case for featuring Lean management in their MBA program? Or, for that matter, in any business school degree program?

Part One: 33 minutes

Part Two: 33 minutes

Part Three: 33 minutes

Part Four: 11 minutes

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