Lean Curiosities


Have you ever thought about how:

  • Organizational politics (behavioral waste) turns bad ideas into good ideas, and good ideas into bad ideas?
  • Traditional team-building exercises fail to correct illogical thinking and eliminate organizational politics, while kaizen succeeds?
  • We might be more successful advancing Lean if we got executive assistants to tell the boss to practice Lean every day?
  • The eighth waste, the waste of unused human talent, is a symptom and not the root cause?
  • Business in a crisis does Lean, and government in a crisis does Keynes?
  • Lean doves, who think a little Lean is too much, still manage to control Lean hawks, who think there is not enough Lean?
  • A sushi chef could obsess over continuous improvement more than Fortune 500 CEOs?
  • Seductive Fifty Shades of REAL Lean would be?
  • True believers still seek economies of scale, and end up overproducing and creating microeconomic recessions?
  • Six sigma makes Lean management, itself a huge challenge, even more difficult?
  • Blaming people for problems and intolerance for dissent expands information inventories?
  • The “Respect for People” principle encodes non-zero-sum (win-win) thinking into every corner of Lean management?
  • The entire Lean playbook is now public knowledge, yet few leaders are fully committed to it and do it well?
  • Top business schools remain relevant when they insist on teaching conventional management?
  • Economists still think batch-and-queue is superior to flow?


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