REAL LEAN, Volume One

Insightful essays on Lean leadership and Lean management.

Real Lean: Understanding the Lean Management System (Volume One), explains the purposes, advantages, myths, and misinformation surrounding Lean management. This small book will be a big help to leaders who want to improve their understanding and practice of Lean management. In a lively and engaging style, Real Lean answers key questions that leaders of organizations have about Lean management. It is a perfect read for busy executives.

Real Lean is a practical guide to understanding Lean management, complete with interesting and informative linkages to historical events and long-forgotten perspectives. Readers will learn how the two principles of Lean management, “Continuous Improvement” and “Respect for People,” work in tandem, with emphasis on “Respect for People” – the principle that is often missing from the practice of Lean management. And don’t forget to read REAL LEAN Volumes 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Reviews of Real Lean

The books comprising the Real Lean series by Bob Emiliani are masterful and important.

Brian Maskell, President, BMA Inc.

The point of the book is very clear… [it] should be given to every CEO, as an instruction book about what it means to develop an organisation based on Lean Management Principles… I highly recommend this book; it’s excellent.

Stephen Parry,

Excellent book! A fantastic read for those who have been curious about what lean really is and what lean is not.

Kathy Balsley

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Book Details

Real Lean: Understanding the Lean Management System (Volume One)

by Bob Emiliani
The CLBM, LLC Wethersfield, Conn., USA

172 pages • ISBN 978-0-9722591-1-8 • February 2007

Table of Contents
1 Keep It REAL
2 Improving Your Lean Transformation
3 The Great Misunderstanding
4 Improving Leadership in Lean Business
5 Creating a Lean Culture
6 Lean is Music to My Ears (listen to Lean vs. Batch music)
7 Remembering What Ohno and Shingo Said
8 Myth-Busting Using Value Stream Maps
9 The Tragedy of Waste
10 Too Much Selfish Thinking
11 Gaining Executive Buy-In for Lean
12 Jefferson Pilot’s Lean Initiative
13 Lean in Higher Education
14 Lean Government – Crazy Dream or Absolute Necessity?
15 Lean Management for Non-Profits
16 How Lean Activities are Sabotaged

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