Moving Forward Faster

Concise summary of the barriers to Lean transformation.

Moving Forward Faster: The Mental Evolution From Fake Lean to REAL Lean answers the 100+ year old question of why most managers do not adopt Lean management despite its overwhelming advantages over conventional management. It is an excellent manual for coaching senior managers on the details of Lean management.

Moving Forward Faster identifies 63 economic, social, political preconceptions that must diminish or be eliminated, and 21 historical facts that must be understood and acknowledged in order to have long-term success with Lean management. This provocative and insightful book will challenge, annoy, frighten, enlighten, frustrate, educate, and enliven readers.

Most books (and articles) describe the Toyota Way, but they do not tell readers specifically how to get there. Moving Forward Faster tells readers specifically what they need to do to get to the Toyota Way. They will also gain a clear picture of how remarkably different Lean leaders’ minds are compared to conventional leaders’ minds. The differences range from great to small and reflect an overall way of thinking that completely upends the norm – for the better.

Reviews of Moving Forward Faster

It is possible to open the book at almost any point, read a few sentences, nod in agreement or shake our heads in recognition of fake Lean behaviors within our own organizations… It provides a glimpse into many of the principles that govern why corporations and executives do many things that are contrary to a Lean culture.  (Read more of Jon’s review.)

Jon Miller, CEO, Kaizen Institute

The advice is practical and of benefit to everyone working in an environment that is trying to use Lean, and is especially helpful to senior executives… The style is direct… I recommend it strongly for anyone who is truly interested in creating a Lean organization.

Bill Torres, CEO, Gibbs Wire and Steel

..Bob Emiliani is brilliant… the author summarizes and condenses this knowledge… no other author provides this kind of perspective on Lean Management and Lean Leadership… it is original thinking that you will not find elsewhere…

John Kimball, Ametek

This work is not for the timid.

Tom Richert

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Book Details

Moving Forward Faster: The Mental Evolution from Fake Lean to REAL Lean

by Bob Emiliani
The CLBM, LLC Wethersfield, Conn., USA

114 pages • ISBN 978-0-9845400-1-3 • January 2011 • Color

Table of Contents
1 Economic Ideas that Must Diminish or Be Eliminated
2 Social Ideas that Must Diminish or Be Eliminated
3 Political Ideas that Must Diminish or Be Eliminated
4 History Reveals Repetition of the Same Mistakes
Next Steps
Closing Thoughts
Appendix I – Lean and Keynes
Appendix II – How Conservatism Fails Customers
Appendix III – From Reading to Improving
Appendix IV – Failure Analysis of Management Decisions
About the Author

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