Practical Lean Leadership

The first workbook published on Lean leadership.

Practical Lean Leadership: A Strategic Leadership Guide for Executives presents innovative and proven approaches to understanding and practicing Lean leadership in an easy-to-follow workbook format. It is the first book to capture the essence of Lean leadership in ways that are specific and actionable for executives to apply at work every day.

Practical Lean Leadership links Lean principles and tools directly to leadership beliefs and behaviors in new and innovative ways that connect to the realities of the workplace. Senior managers will be inspired by the new approaches to understanding strategic leadership and leadership development contained in this workbook. And don’t forget to read the award-winning book, Better Thinking, Better Results: Case Study and Analysis of an Enterprise-Wide Lean Transformation.

Reviews of Practical Lean Leadership

This is a ‘must read’ book for all senior leaders. It is very well written for the C-level team and it fills a gap on how executives should lead a Lean transformation. It truly is the best description of Lean leadership today. I highly recommend it.

Edward Miller, former Vice President, The Wiremold Company

Professor Emiliani’s book is masterful because it… enables people to work through the changes required to be a successful Lean leader and shows clearly the do’s and the don’ts. And yet the book also goes beyond a simple checklist of behaviors; it delves into the underlying clash of paradigms that must be addressed.

Brian Maskell, President, BMA Inc.

Practical Lean Leadership explains key aspects of enterprise leadership and then takes it several steps further by applying Lean principles and tools to leadership itself. An effective model is created by understanding behavioral waste and by applying value stream mapping and standardized work in totally new contexts. The workbook format engages the reader and immediately connects to their reality.

Kevin Meyer, President,

Emiliani addresses the most prevalent and misunderstood aspects of transforming an enterprise to Lean management. He presents the roadblocks and explains how to overcome them in a systematic manner. This workbook will move senior managers to improve their leadership and the business for the better.

James Huntzinger, President, Lean Frontiers LLC

Bob has created a practical guide that every practicing and aspiring leader should read and follow.”

Helen Zak, President and COO at ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value

More Information

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Book Details

Practical Lean Leadership: A Strategic Leadership Guide for Executives

by Bob Emiliani
The CLBM, LLC Wethersfield, Conn., USA

152 pages • ISBN 978-0-9722591-5-6 • January 2008 • Color

Table of Contents
1 What is Lean Management?
2 How Lean Leaders Think
3 A Better Definition of Leadership
4 Lean Leadership Behaviors
5 Value Stream Maps as a Leadership Development Tool
6 What Executives Need to Know About Kaizen
7 Standardized Work for Executive Leadership
8 Fifty Errors to Avoid
9 Visual Control for Lean Leaders
10 Lean Leader Performance Feedback
Appendix 1 – Example of 5 Whys Root Cause Analysis Method
Appendix 2 – Caux Round Table Principles for Business
Appendix 3 – How Not to Learn Lean Management
About the Author
Detachable Visual Control

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