A Few More Thoughts

There will always be a need for improvement.

A Few More Thoughts It is a collection of recent writings, new material, and a few surprises. It consists of critical five essays, a polemic, and a research paper. The book is printed in color and contains many personal reflections that readers will find it both interesting and useful.

This book completes three decades of dedicated practice, research, and analysis of progressive management and classical management, and their associated leadership thinking and action. Readers will enjoy this interesting, insightful, and useful final contribution to the body of management and leadership knowledge that will be relevant for many years to come.

Each chapter delivers fresh thinking and breaks new ground. Together, they finalize Emiliani’s thoughts on various aspects of progressive management and leadership.

“Bob Emiliani’s voice should be heard by every CEO on the planet.” — Laura Gerrits Gedvile

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A Few More Thoughts: On Management and Leadership

by Bob Emiliani
Cubic, LLC South Kingstown, RI, USA

264 pages • ISBN 978-1-7320191-8-8 • August 2023

Foreword by Massimo Torinesi
1. What Deming Did Not Understand
2. Jumping to Solutions
3. Being a Lean Professional
4. Improving the Kaizen Process
5. Lean and Labor Unions
6. Lean Management Manifesto
7. The Purpose of Leadership
Closing Comments
About the Author
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