Speed Leadership

A new and powerful way to understand and improve leadership.

Is Lean not your thing? Or are you tired of Lean but still driven to improve? Then read Speed Leadership: A New Way to Lead for Rapidly Changing Times.

Speed Leadership is a breakthrough in understanding leadership and how to improve leadership capabilities and effectiveness. How? By eliminating the hundreds of errors that leaders make, from supervisor to CEO — errors that are the source of the toxic workplace.

This practical new approach advances leadership from art to science. It takes a process view of leadership in preference to the traditional view of leadership based on personality, behaviors, or authenticity.

Understanding leadership as processes is a powerful new perspective on what constitutes effective leadership and offers new pathways for meaningful improvement. This little book is actually a workbook. It will guide you through the process of learning and practicing speed leadership. Current and future leaders will find this book to be extremely helpful if not life-changing.

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Reviews of Speed Leadership

Looking at leadership from a process perspective rather than a behavioral perspective is brilliant.

Ovidiu Contras

This book will convince senior leaders of the urgent need to improve their core leadership processes.

Greg Peters

Speed Leadership is a quick read but carries a powerful message. I wish all business authors were this concise – and that they had this much to say.

Tony Heath

I highly recommend it! It is easy to follow. You cannot fail. Speed Leadership perfectly guides your day to day.

Mark Evans

More Information

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Book Details

Speed Leadership: A New Way to Lead for Rapidly Changing Times

by Bob Emiliani
The CLBM, LLC Wethersfield, Conn., USA

152 pages • ISBN 978-0-9898631-6-2 • Second Edition • October 2015

Foreword by Massimo Torinesi
1 What Is Speed Leadership?
2 Leadership Processes
3 Consequences of Leadership Process Errors
4 Rightsizing Leadership
5 Standards for Leadership Processes
6 Improving Leadership Processes
7 Leadership Competency Models
8 Closing Remarks
About the Author

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