Critique of Lean

A fascinating and in-depth analysis of Lean. 

Critique of Lean: Pathway to Improvement critically examines the fundamental nature of Lean management and its association to Toyota’s management system.

This rigorous and insightful critique challenges decades-old assertions of philosophical, technical, and evolutionary sameness. The result is a clear differentiation between Lean and Toyota’s management system.

Critique of Lean reveals the truth about Lean. In doing so, it provides valuable guidance to both the originators of Lean and the users of Lean for improving the product, Lean, with the intention to achieve better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Critique of Lean will change how you think about Lean.

Reviews of Critique of Lean

If there’s one ONLY book the 21st century Lean professional needs to read, it’s this one! And if you know little or are just starting out on the topic, even better. It’s your chance to get started in the right direction!

Bruno Vasquez, Leanstart

I think you’ll love Critique of Lean. Very clearly describes much of what is wrong with the Lean movement.

Tony Polidori

I found Critique of Lean fascinating because of the courage of writing it, the honesty, and the analysis of the legacy of the great management scholars and practitioners who went before. Without them we would never have had TPS but we often forget this.


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Book Details

Critique of Lean: Pathway to Improvement

by Bob Emiliani
The CLBM, LLC, South Kingstown, RI, USA

200 pages • ISBN 978-0-9898631-7-9 • March 2017

Chapter 1 Failure to Learn from the Past
Professor Monden’s Work Ignored
Shingijutsu TPS Training
Lean Did Not Learn from History
The Wisdom of Henry Gantt
Historical Parallels
Same Six Criticisms from Workers
History Matters
Chapter 2 Poor Interpretation of TPS
No “Respect for People”
Lean = TPS – Umami
A Moving Target
Lean Thinking
Chapter 3 Ignoring the Big Problems
Learning to Not See
Lean Transformation Process Failure
Lean for Capital, Not Labor
How Economics Subverts Lean
Chapter 4 Failure to Improve
Selective Adoration
Enduring Misunderstandings
Still Missing the Point
Chapter 5 What Next?
The Long View
Improving Lean Transformation Process
Lean Transformation Models
People Love Craft
Chapter 6 Closing Comments
Summary of Criticisms
End Notes
About the Author

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