Kaizen Forever

A kaizen method like no other!

Kaizen Forever: Teachings of Chihiro Nakao shares the mindset that created Toyota’s production method and their overall management practice. There is no other book like this one.

Chihiro Nakao is perhaps the foremost genba kaizen practitioner alive today with more than 50 years of experience. Nakao-san’s teachings have had such a great impact on us, as well as thousands of others people, that we thought it was important to document his unique teachings for the next generation.

Our goal was to capture the spirit and mindset of Toyota’s industrial engineering-based kaizen – the method that propelled Toyota Motor Corporation to the forefront with quality products, high productivity, low costs, and high profits. We wish to reconnect people to genba kaizen and generate renewed enthusiasm for it.

Nakao-san’s teachings are truly incredible. Just when you think you understand the meaning of something, you discover a new layer of meaning. Just when you think you understand the interconnections, you discover a new interconnection. Even people who think they know a lot about kaizen will learn many new things from this book.

Kaizen Forever will be extremely helpful to anyone involved with kaizen regardless of the industry they are in – whether manufacturing or service, for-profit or not-for profit, private or public enterprise, government or non-governmental organization, public or private education (any level). And don’t forget to also read Shingijutsu-Kaizen: The Art of Discovery and Learning.

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Reviews of Kaizen Forever

[An] incredible amount of wisdom concentrated in 98 pages.

Ovidiu Contras

[Nakao-san] is truly the best kaizen sensei… This book is a must read for anybody starting there Lean Journey.

James Booth

Amazing book, read it, read it again, every time you’ll find a new interesting meaning of each sentence. It’s really a continuous learning.

Cristiano Previtali

More Information

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Book Details

Kaizen Forever: Teachings of Chihiro Nakao

by Bob Emiliani, Katsusaburo Yoshino, and Rudy Go
The CLBM, LLC Wethersfield, Conn., USA

98 pages • ISBN 978-0-9898631-0-0 • May 2015

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Shingijutsu Production SiQmi
Chapter 2 Shingijutsu-Kaizen
– Nakao-san’s “Nos”
– Moonshine
Chapter 3 Teachings on People
Chapter 4 Teachings on Process
Chapter 5 Teachings on Equipment
Chapter 6 Teachings on Space
Chapter 7 Teachings on Money
Chapter 8 Teachings on Time
Chapter 9 Teachings on Information
Chapter 10 Shingijutsu-Kaizen Process
Chapter 11 Closing Comments
Appendix Kaizen at Home
About the Authors

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