Conversations with Taiichi Ohno



Gain new insights into Ohno-san’s way of thinking.

Conversations with Taiichi Ohno: Management Insights for the Digital Age is a fictional conversation between the author and Taiichi Ohno that explores the purpose and meaning of the Toyota Production System and how it anticipated today’s digital age.

Ohno’s remarkable work and his unique way of thinking created a new management system that will energize and strengthen corporate digital transformation.

Learn why the Toyota Production System is more relevant in the 21st century than it was in the 20th century and how it will help your company survive and prosper in the digital age.

Reviews of Conversations with Taiichi Ohno

The book is fantastic!

Daniel Williams

20 pages in and I’m hooked.

Rod Dunne

I really like it. I think it’s very deep. People may not understand how truly deep some of the points are.

Tony Polidori – Executive Director of TPS OMCD

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Book Details

Conversations with Taiichi Ohno: Management Insights for the Digital Age

by Bob Emiliani
The CLBM, LLC, South Kingstown, RI, USA

210 pages • ISBN 978-0-9898631-8-6 • June 2017

Day 1 Conversation
Sellers’ and Buyers’ Markets
Speed of Improvement
Cost Reduction
Respect for Humanity
Day 2 Conversation
Japanese Language
Learn from Nature
Leading TPS
Illusion of Knowledge
Developing People
Day 3 Conversation
Growing Sales
Pursuit of Scale
Day 4 Conversation
Training and Practice
Stagnation vs. Evolution
School and Work
Turning Words into Action
Why Not Apologize?
Day 5 Conversation
Automation and Kaizen
Human and Artificial Intelligence
Final Thoughts
Further Reading
About the Author

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