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"Your work is at the very top of the field because you are a practitioner, an educator, a precise researcher, and a prolific writer. Your body of work is exemplary."

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Dr. Emiliani originated the study of Lean leadership beginning in 1994. Back then, Lean was all about tools. Bob recognized that leading a Lean transformation was more than just tools, and that Lean was a better way to lead organizations in the emerging digital era.

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Lean Graft Incompatibility

Here is a practical way to understand how Lean management usually fails to take hold in brownfield organizations that have for years been governed by classical management thinking and practice.Grafting is a horticultural technique whereby two plants are joined together to allow the graft to grow … Read More... about Lean Graft Incompatibility

Static vs. Dynamic Lean

The big benefit of TPS and Lean is the change from batch-and-queue processing to one-piece flow. This is what generates huge business impact in terms of lower cost, higher quality, shorter lead-times, higher throughput, better safety, and so on. But over the years, the focus on Lean tools, driven by … Read More... about Static vs. Dynamic Lean

In Search of Lean CEOs

In business, the word "unicorn" means a startup company that has a billion-dollar valuation. Unlike the mythical beast, unicorn companies do exist but are rare. Much like unicorn companies, Lean companies are also rare, as are their CEOs. Lean companies are a different kind of company and Lean CEOs … Read More... about In Search of Lean CEOs

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