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Dr. Emiliani originated the study of Lean leadership beginning in 1994. Back then, Lean was all about tools. Bob recognized that leading a Lean transformation was more than just tools, and that Lean was a better way to lead organizations in the emerging digital era.

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A lot of people say they are Lean experts. But is there such a thing as a Lean expert? Let's assume there is. The next question is, what does "Lean expert" mean? Is a Lean expert someone who has comprehensive knowledge and skills in some Lean methods and tools? Or, is a Lean expert someone who is … Read More... about Are You a Lean Expert?

We Succeed When We All Agree

In my decades of analyzing Lean management and the Lean movement, I often discover important problems and, being a university professor, I share my findings with others. My findings are more warmly received by Lean practitioners than my peer group of Lean movement leaders. Why is that? It seems … Read More... about We Succeed When We All Agree

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Sometimes this is how I think about things -- hitching one's derivative TPS product/service to Toyota. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The free riders shown in the image below can indeed be useful in certain circumstances. It is not as if they are without merit. You may agree or disagree with … Read More... about Toyota’s Free Riders

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