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Today's fast-moving digital age requires a more nimble foundation for leading and managing organizations. Let Bob Emiliani guide you towards practical solutions.

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Dr. Emiliani originated the study of Lean leadership beginning in 1994. Since then, his work has blossomed and covers a wide range of related topics relevant to the fast-changing digital age. Contact Bob to find out how he can help you or just to chat about mutual interests. Schedule a day and time to talk via phone, Zoom, or  Skype.

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"I hold you in the highest regard in the Lean community and appreciate your clarion calls."

"I am totally impressed by the breadth and depth of Bob's knowledge and how clearly he communicates."

"What I admire is your spirit and how you consider yourself a student and always challenge the status quo."

"Your work is at the very top of the field because you are a practitioner, an educator, a precise researcher, and a prolific writer. Your body of work is exemplary."

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A Consistent Message

I sometimes wonder how my large body of work on Lean leadership, Lean management, Classical management, and Lean applied to higher education would have been received by the Lean community if it was written by any one of these people: Specifically, how influential my work might have been -- … Read More... about A Consistent Message

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