Wheel of Fortune

Rethink and improve business strategy.

Does it still make sense today to talk about strategy? Or does today’s liquid, interconnected, and global world only require the ability to adapt and seize opportunities from wherever they come? If strategy is to remain a useful concept and practice in business, then there needs to be a reexamination of the intent of strategy and the process by which strategy is typically developed.

Wheel of Fortune is not the usual book about business strategy. It presents new and provocative relationships between strategy, leadership, and business. In addition to examining the social science of strategy, it introduces new methods for analyzing strategy failures and preventing strategy failures. It exposes risks inherent to strategy that leaders do not recognize and challenges their understanding of strategy and its role in customer satisfaction and business success.

Wheel of Fortune establishes the rationale and need for leaders to think differently about strategy and execution. It provides deep insights on how to eliminate the repetitive problems that most organizations experience, and convincingly demonstrates the need for leaders to be more imaginative and creative in strategy development and execution.

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Reviews of Wheel of Fortune

I would summarise my views on strategy as being changed as much as it was when I read the Art of War.

John Lovell

I just read WOF and it is great. Very thought-provoking and critical of status quo. Probably too high a dose of truth and reality for most leaders to tolerate. But well worth a read for those who dare.

Ken Eakin

I really liked Wheel of Fortune because it presents an alternative definition of business success, one that is not zero-sum game but a win for all. The idea having offsprings from a company instead of growing, and the repeated theme of strategy as a social construct are very interesting. I loved the Strategy Failure Analysis Method, the Strategy Acid Test, and your criticism the classic business case study. I like how the book calls for creative thinking for strategy, not just copying it from others.

Jan Fischbach

“The most intellectually challenging, practical, and interesting course I had the pleasure to experience.”

Sarah Boden (took the course on which the book is based)

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Book Details

Wheel of Fortune: Getting to the Heart of Business Strategy

by Bob Emiliani and Massimo Torinesi
Cubic, LLC South Kingstown, RI, USA

154 pages • ISBN 978-1-7320191-4-0 • January 2021

Chapter 1. Business and Strategy
Chapter 2. Social Science of Strategy
Chapter 3. Strategy Failure Analysis
Chapter 4. Strategic Choices: Copy or Create
Chapter 5. Imagination and Creativity
Final Thoughts
About the Authors

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