The Workmanship of Leaders

Leaders’ workmanship is not what you think it is.

Leadership has been extensively studied and written about for 100 years. Yet the results are far more fluff than substance. Why? It is because the fundamental understanding of leaders and their purpose is incomplete or incorrect!

The positioning of leadership as a profession means that we do not normally think of leaders’ work in terms of “workmanship.” But what happens if we do? ” What would leadership be like if it were thought of in terms of workmanship and if leaders were workmanlike in carrying out their duties? Would it be any different than how leaders lead today or as they have led in the past? Could leadership be different in the future?

The Workmanship of Leaders is an engaging technical analysis of the meaning of workmanship and workmanlike diligence in the context of systems, frameworks, and information processing. It shines new lights on how leaders think, how they behave, and why they do what they do. In doing so, it explains why the aims and actions of leaders have been remarkably constant for centuries. It also shows the futility of traditional leadership training programs and points to essential new directions for leadership development. Leaders at any level and in any line of work will find this book captivating and eye-opening.

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Reviews of The Workmanship of Leaders

I have to say that I really liked this book — it stands out as one of your best.

Ken Eakin

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Book Details

The Workmanship of Leaders: Systems, Frameworks, and Information Processing

by Bob Emiliani
Cubic, LLC South Kingstown, RI, USA

130 pages • ISBN 978-1-7320191-7-1 • February 2023

Foreword by Steve Tendon
1. Systems and Frameworks
2. Negentropic Systems
3. Leaders and Sense-Making
4. Information Processing
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