Management Mysterium

Invisible aspects of leadership and management practice.

Management Mysterium follows three earlier works, The Triumph of Classical Management Over Lean Management and Irrational Institutions which examine the question of why most leaders resist or reject Lean management and other forms of progressive personal and organizational change. The former provides a comprehensive materialist analysis while the latter describes the dynamic interplay between rational and irrational thinking and the role of aesthetic judgments in informing management thinking and decision-making.

Management Mysterium adds to this insightful body of work by examining invisible aspects of leadership and management practice: the intangible spiritual, sacred, and the sometimes mysterious and mythical aspects of leading and managing organizations. Readers will learn how and why secular spirituality exists, how it functions, and what it achieves in both classical management and Lean management.

And don’t forget to read The Triumph of Classical Management Over Lean ManagementIrrational Institutions, and The Aesthetic Compass to gain a complete understanding of how you can more effectively advance progressive management. This series of four books meticulously expose the forces that guide leaders’ thinking which results in maintaining the status quo and continued adherence to archaic classical management. Progress is made when minds are opened.

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Reviews of Management Mysterium

…a trove of provocative and original ideas that emerge from [Emiliani’s] cross-disciplinary approach. (Read Ken’s full review).

Ken Eakin

An amazing read… Full of original and interesting ideas and analysis. A reading for people interested in understanding what does not work in current management models. The third book of a very good trilogy. It makes you think, reflect…

Massimo Torinesi

Man, love that book!

Emiel van Est

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Book Details

Management Mysterium: The Quest for Progress

by Bob Emiliani
Cubic, LLC South Kingstown, RI, USA

129 pages • ISBN 978-1-7320191-2-6 • April 2020

1. The New Religion: Economics
2. Classical Management Spirituality
3. Lean Management Spirituality
4. Conclusion
About the Author

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