Get Out of Tradition Trap

How you think and do things — and especially how top leaders think and do things — is deeply rooted in the past. Only a small amount reflects the present. Therefore, we must always be attentive to ask ourselves these questions:

  • “Why keep doing things today as they have been done in the past?:
  • “What is the justification for that?”
  • “Are the old ways still relevant?”
  • “Are there new ways that are better?”
  • “Can I create new ways that are better?”

If these questions are not asked, then there is no awareness that better ways of thinking and doing exist. If the old way of thinking and doing things has served you well, think again. Time has passed and circumstances have changed, so what has been serving you well is probably an illusion. You can do better.

Most Lean pros use Lean tools in support of the thinking and doing of the past due to their own preconceptions as well those of business leaders. Kaizen is your way out of the tradition trap.

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