Introducing Kaizen Kitty!

Kaizen Kitten Web

This delightful cat joins LinkedIn to share her unique wisdom with CEOs worldwide. She is the sensei to CEOs and will tell it like it is. Kaizen Kitty has no sponsors or obligations to anyone and she seeks only one thing: Quick action by CEOs to improve their leadership and the workplace.

Kaizen Kitty will share her vast experience in the practice of kaizen. Her intent is to help CEOs break the mental chains that shackle them to old-fashioned classical management. Kaizen Kitty wants all leaders to learn the mindset, spirit, and practice of kaizen, and spread that throughout organizations and the business community.

While she is cute and cuddly, Kaizen Kitty is as tough as a carbide cutting tool. She speaks in a sharp and sometimes personal tone. She does that to shake leaders out of their complacency and rigid acceptance of the status quo. Kaizen Kitty will post her wisdom on LinkedIn once a week on Saturdays.

Kaizen Kitty wants leaders to be dissatisfied with the status quo and develop the strength to question everything and rethink how work, from CEO to the shop and office floor, can be done better (simpler and easier), and always in ways that are beneficial to people and the planet.

Kaizen Kitty has learned from experience that a diplomatic tone fails to make the needed impact. She believes that the highest paid people should be least concerned with the tone of her communication and challenges CEOs to suppress their millisecond reaction that they are being threatened or insulted. Instead, think and quickly take concrete action to improve.

Kaizen Kitty believes corporate leaders are responsible for people’s lives and livelihoods, so their job is as important as nurses and doctors. And so, they must substantially elevate their practice of leadership and management to assure that they “do no harm.”

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