Introducing My AI Chatbot


Introducing my new chatbot, “AI Bob.” Just click on the illustration of me on the lower right-hand corner of any page. Like me, the AI Bob is a friendly guy. Sometimes he talks in a tough tone as I do, but he means well. His heart is always in the right place, even if his words are not.

AI Bob gives you quick access to a bounty of knowledge, insights, and wisdom gained from over 30 years of research and practice. I think you will really enjoy it!

Ask AI Bob any question, in any language, and it will do all the work to figure out an answer based on the trove of practical information on AI Bob is available 24/7/365!

While the AI Bob is quite good at answering most questions within my fields of knowledge, it may provide information external to my fields of knowledge. In general, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions for the AI Chatbot.

Please do not use AI Bob to contact me since it operates independently and I will not be notified of your query.

Finally, I encourage you to speak with me directly whenever possible because my answers will always be better than AI Bob’s answers. I chat with me, human Bob, live via Zoom. Just contact me via LinkedIn or email, and let’s have a fun conversation together!

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