Introducing My AI Chatbot


I’ve noticed that sometimes people are reluctant to speak with me. So now, if you like, you can talk to my AI chatbot instead! Just click on the illustration of me on the lower right-hand corner of any page.

Like me, the AI chatbot is a friendly guy. Sometimes he talks in a tough tone as I do, but he means well. His heart is always in the right place, even if his words are not.

The chatbot gives you quick access to a bounty of knowledge, insights, and wisdom gained from over 30 years of research and practice. I think you will really enjoy it!

Ask the chatbot any question — in any language — and it will do all the work to figure out an answer based on the trove of practical information on And thanks to the chatbot, I am now available 24/7/365!

If you ever get tired of talking to the chatbot, I happily invite you to chat with me live via Zoom. Just contact via LinkedIn or email, and let’s have a fun conversation together!

By the way, if the chatbot hallucinates, please let me know (send an image of the output) so that it can be further trained to produce better results. Thank you!

Disclaimer: The following disclaimer is intended to inform users of the limitations and usage guidelines of the Bob Emiliani AI chatbot. Please read this disclaimer carefully before engaging with the chatbot. The Bob Emiliani AI chatbot provides automated responses generated by machine-learning algorithms. While the chatbot strives to provide accurate and relevant information, the accuracy or completeness of the responses cannot be guaranteed. By using the Bob Emiliani chatbot, you agree to these terms and conditions: 1. The chatbot is intended to provide access to research-related information and is not a substitute for professional advice or consultation with qualified experts. 2. The chatbot and its responses are intended for educational and informational purposes only. 3. The creators of the chatbot are not liable for any decisions, actions, damages, or losses incurred as a result of using chatbot responses. Users must not enter any confidential, personal, or sensitive information into the chat. Users of the chatbot bear sole responsibility for their interactions with the chatbot and their use or reliance on the information provided. Every time a user interacts with the chatbot, the following access data are collected and securely stored in a web server file: the question posed and the answer given. Chatbot conversations may be reviewed by administrators to improve results. By entering and sending data, you give your consent for this information to be processed and used for writing chatbot articles, improving the algorithms. Anonymized questions and answers may be used for blog, posts, social media posts, or other educational or informational uses. We do not collect or share any personal information that you provide yourself, such as by entering information into the lead or contact form. By using the AI chatbot, you indicate your full acceptance and understanding of the above disclaimer, including the risks, limitations, and conditions of use. If you do not agree with any part of this disclaimer, please refrain from using the chatbot. All chatbot responses are © Copyright Cubic, LLC.

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