Lean in Higher Ed Conference – Part 2

The conference here in Glasgow, Scotland, was chaired by Prof. Jiju Antony of the University of Strathclyde. The conference was attended by over 90 delegates from 13 countries in five continents (Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America). Twelve papers were accepted and presented at the conference.

The opening keynote talk was given by Prof. William Balzer, of Bowling Green State University, and the author of Lean Higher Education. Bill spoke about his experiences in applying Lean principles and practices to improving administrative processes. He gave some wonderful examples of improvements that simplified processes and dramatically increased the effectiveness of service delivery.

I gave the second keynote talk and discussed the critical need for progressive Lean management throughout higher education (both administrative and academic processes), and discussed the issues and challenges common to all faculty and institution leaders. You can view my slides here.

The third morning keynote talk was given by Prof. Tammi Sinha of the University of Portsmouth. She discussed the transition of Lean ideas and tools from manufacturing to service and now to higher education, and how we can benefit from these ideas, personally, to improve the student experience and to transform our organisations.


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