Rethinking Strategy

Developing and executing business strategy is a large undertaking involving dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people. Consequently, it is very important to make sure the strategy is both sound and executable to avoid the many hidden pitfalls and errors.

And when hidden pitfalls and errors are encountered, as is almost always the case, there is so much to learn from them for improving the development and execution of business strategy. Nothing beats a practical method — an innovative method — for analyzing strategy failures.

Using new and better methods for developing and executing business strategy, and learning how to analyze strategy failure and determine causes, is how you turn a good business strategy into a great business strategy.

If you are interested in learning how to improve the process of developing business strategy, executing business strategy, and learning from strategy failure (other companies or your own), please read Wheel of Fortune.

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Or, take the online course. Both are refreshing looks at how to develop business strategy, execute business strategy, and avoid strategy failure for any type of organization.

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