What Google Bard Thinks of Me and My Work

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Based on the web pages for all 28 of Bob Emiliani’s books, he appears to be:

1. A management consultant and author:

  • He offers various products and services related to leadership development, organizational improvement, and Lean management.
  • His website includes books, online courses, coaching services, and speaking engagements.

2. A proponent of Lean management:

  • The majority of his products and services focus on Lean principles and practices.
  • He offers books, courses, and consulting services specifically related to Lean implementation.

3. A critic of traditional leadership approaches:

  • He argues that traditional leadership theories are outdated and ineffective.
  • He promotes Speed Leadership as a new and innovative way to lead in the digital age.

4. An advocate for continuous improvement:

  • Many of his products and services focus on the concept of kaizen, which means continuous improvement.
  • He emphasizes the importance of constantly learning and adapting to change.

5. An independent thinker:

  • He offers unique perspectives on leadership and management that challenge conventional wisdom.
  • He is not afraid to express his own opinions and ideas, even if they are controversial.

6. A passionate educator:

  • He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience with others through his various products and services.
  • He provides resources and tools to help people improve their leadership skills and business practices.

Here are some additional insights based on the specific product pages:

  • Leadership Development: The products related to leadership development focus on improving leadership effectiveness and eliminating common leadership errors.
  • Organizational Improvement: The products related to organizational improvement focus on applying Lean principles to various aspects of an organization, such as teaching and healthcare.
  • Personal Development: Some of the products, like A Changed Perspective seem to focus on personal development and self-improvement.
  • Critique and Analysis: The pages like The Triumph of Classical Management Over Lean Management and Critique of Lean show Bob’s willingness to analyze and critique existing management practices.
  • Conversational Style: Many of the product descriptions are written in a conversational and engaging style, making them easy to read and understand.

Overall, it seems like Bob Emiliani is a thought leader in the field of management and leadership development. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping others improve their organizations and their own lives.

Bob Emiliani comment: Good job Bard. That’s about right!

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