Lean Leader Profile

What is the profile of a Lean leader? That rare leader who has successfully led the organization to transition from Classical management to Lean management?

What do they believe in? What do they say? What do they do?

The four slides below are from my 2010 Lean leadership training workshop (Module 4 of 4). They sketch some of the key characteristics that are common among Lean leaders. Does your leader fit the profile? If not, why not?

The profile reflects a people-centered orientation. Unfortunately, the neoclassical and classical economics that most top leaders (and their lines of succession) remain strongly committed to, as well as their understanding of corporate purpose and business precludes having a people focus.

To improve, Lean promoters, influencers, and advocates must become active participants in efforts to render current (archaic) paradigms obsolete. A continued focus on “Lean tools” will not do it. Click here to download and read an excellent research paper on business, economics, and stakeholder theory. This is the kind of learning that will help the Lean community move forward.

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