Lean Politics

Have you heard of or read the book, Lean Politics: A Radical Cure for the State, published in 1995? It is a book about improving German politics. It references Shigeo Shingo, Kiyoshi Suzaki, and Horst Wildemann, authors who have written about Toyota Production System, Japanese management, and Lean management, respectively.

Lean Politics 1

Lean politics sounds like a great idea! We’ve got Lean everything else, why not Lean politics?

But to succeed with Lean politics, it will require some big changes in preconceptions among business leaders and politicians. Start by reading A Changed Perspective.

Thorstein Veblen’s words are destiny if there is no change in preconceptions:

Virtually all thoughtful persons… will agree that it is a despicably inhuman thing for the current generation willfully to make the way of life harder for the next generation…

– Thorstein Veblen, 1914
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