My Contributions to Lean

Emiliani 1Below is a summary of my significant original contributions to the body of Lean knowledge as author or co-author. My primary focus has been Lean leadership and Lean management, as well as Lean in higher education, Lean in supply chain management, and the history of progressive management. It includes the best book ever written on Lean transformation and the most thorough and detailed analysis ever written on why most leaders reject Lean management. These contributions are written from a perspective unlike any other author, informed by my work as a Lean practitioner, professor of Lean management, executive trainer, and long-time student of TPS and Lean. Click here to view my curriculum vitae.

Books (n = 21)

Book Chapter (n = 1)

“Ohno’s Insights on Human Nature” in Taiichi Ohno’s Workplace Management: Special 100th Birthday Edition

Peer-Reviewed Research Papers (n = 25)

Insightful Blog Posts (n = 590+)

Blog Post Archive (2013-2020)

Workshops for Leaders and Corporate Event Speaking

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