The First VSM of a VSM Event!

Is it time to get rid of value stream maps? The first-ever value stream map of a value stream mapping event reveals mountains of waste. The lead-time to achieve actual improvement has increased by 425 percent! It’s worse than anyone thought.

vsm waste 1

Some are calling this a “Lean crisis.” Others are calling it a “Lean disaster.” Whatever the name, the real problem is the same as the perceived problem. Yikes! How often does that happen?

The burning platform is no longer burning! It’s been extinguished by a tidal wave of non-Lean thinking. Oh, the humanity! This is the worst thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Lean management experts finally recognize the problem and are rushing to produce A3 reports to determine the root cause of the problem and identify countermeasures. But will anyone listen? Will companies implement the countermeasures?

The very survival of Lean management is at stake.

But seriously, VMS are highly overrated, and kaizen is greatly underrated. VSMs can be helpful, but they are not required. Toyota created TPS without VSMs. And the most noted examples of Lean transformation, such as The Wiremold Company, did not use VSMs.

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