TPS and Kaizen Training in 1988, Part 3 of 4

Learn and appreciate the pioneering work of Masaaki Imai and the Kaizen Institute, and Yoshiki Iwata, Chihiro Nakao, Akiro Takenaka and Shingijutsu for bringing kaizen to the world. Please carefully study these 39 pages and return to the basics: TPS and kaizen! Learn more about the Kaizen Institute, Shingijutsu Global, and Shingijutsu USA.

NOTE: In 2003, Shingijutsu Co., Ltd. was split into two companies two years after Yoshiki Iwata’s death.

And let us acknowledge and thank the interpreter — Andrew Dillon or Michiko Perry, and soon thereafter Reiko Kano 🙏 — who provided an essential service to everyone in attendance in May 1988, as well as whoever translated the training material in English for us to learn from then and now 🙏.

Over the years, the gap between the Kaizen Institute-Shingijutsu fundamental TPS/JIT/Kaizen training and Lean has become so wide that the latter bears no resemblance to the former. Lean followed the market downward to “Lean tools,” Kaizen Institute-Shingijutsu stayed true to their mission. So, in terms of credibility, the Kaizen Institute and Shingijutsu remain at the top. Give your Lean tools a rest. Master the basics: practice kaizen continuously.

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