Understanding Lean Management

Ashutosh Garg of “The Brand Called You” interviews me about Lean management. Have a look, I think you’ll enjoy it!

00:42 – About Dr. Bob Emiliani
01:08 – Tell me about your journey in brief.
02:06 – What made you become interested in the subject of lean management?
03:01 – What would you describe as the core principles of lean management for those who are not familiar with the concept?
04:00 – What would you say are some of the most common challenges of organizational space when trying to adopt lean management practices?
05:24 – How do the principles of lean management apply to industries such as healthcare, education or software development?
06:31 – What is the importance of leadership when it comes to a successful implementation of lean management?
07:28 – What are some of the characteristics that leaders must possess to drive the necessary cultural change toward lead management?
08:32 – What does respect for people as a principle in lean management mean? How does it contribute to overall success?
11:04 – How can small and medium enterprises or startups benefit from implementing lean management principles even though they have very limited budgets?
12:17 – How have you seen the principles of lean management evolve over the years? What do you see as the future of lean management?

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