Where is the Credibility?

Today I posted these two items on LinkedIn (click here and here to view them). Note: To the simple minds, this blog post expresses war and hate. To the intelligent, it merely points out the facts. Which are you?

Research? 🤣 As far as know…

  • The number of peer-reviewed research papers since 2000 = 0
  • The number of research books or monographs since 2000 = 1; the ill-titled 2019 book, “The Birth of Lean” 👉 https://bobemiliani.com/words-and-facts-matter/ But in fact, n= 0 given that book is a republication of a 2001 Japanese book.

What I see is the avoidance of research. But, I do see a business.

Want some real research? Here you go 👉 https://bobemiliani.com/research-papers/forever/ and 👉 https://bobemiliani.com/wonder-no-more/

LEI Research

Hmmm… Is this a first step towards possibly moving away from Lean management? It looks to me like this LEI-led symposium is an intelligence gathering* session, one that gets participants to pay to provide the needed information for free! 👉https://events.lean.org/event/21a96ae3-4322-46ec-a73e-42214130af79/summary?start_date=1721260800 👇

*Academic researchers at MIT (LEIs old mothership) often used this intelligence gathering strategy, successfully, to obtain funding for a new research program or continuing an existing research program. But in this case, the purpose is for business ends, not academic research (see my previous LinkedIn post today).

Two thoughts:

  1. After 36 years with little “Lean transformation” success, it is clear that what is needed to move progressive management forward is activism, advocacy, lobbying, and political action, not an expensive intelligence gathering symposium. 👉 https://bobemiliani.com/serious-about-lean/
  2. No matter what, people advocating for improvement still have to deal with this 👉 https://bobemiliani.com/how-status-regulates-progress/ and this 👉 https://bobemiliani.com/it-is-material/
LEI Symposium

And a comment I posted in response to a comment about LEIs integrity:

Well, since you brought up “integrity,” LEI claims their people are “faculty” when they are not actually that. They are trainers https://www.lean.org/about-lei/faculty/ Here is the difference between trainers and real faculty members https://bobemiliani.com/critic-and-conscience-of-the-lean-movement/

And a LinkedIn post from a two weeks earlier:

“After making many millions of dollars leading you down the Lean tools path, tricking you into thinking that Lean tools would make your company Lean, The Lean Enterprise Institute offers you the opportunity to spend $1500 per person to take a course where you will ‘learn why your lean effort is failing, and what to do differently‘.” 🤯 https://bobemiliani.com/dont-get-tricked-again/

Lean Effort Failing 1

Final thought: Deception can be subtle. Or maybe it’s all just marketing.

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