Motivations and Aspirations

MLEThe feedback I have received recently about some of my controversial blog posts (here, here, herehere, and here) have led some people to question my motivations. In particular, accusations about common motivations such as fame or financial gain, and also some weirder motivations. So, let me address these here.

My motivations, from the beginning, are to:

I wish to serve others and do not have any desire to assume a position greater than I presently possess.

My vision for Lean management and for people who work for a living is:

My aspirations are simple, and they are not about me. They are to:

  • Advance the “Respect for People” principle
  • Expand awareness and understanding of Lean leadership
  • Help assure that Lean is practiced by leaders in ways that do not harm employees and other stakeholders
  • Help people and organizations succeed with REAL Lean

In regard to financial gain, I do hope to sell books that I have written, given that they were written for the purpose of helping people improve and avoid the many errors that one can make witn Lean. All of my books focus on the topic Lean leadership and the “Respect for People” principle because they have long been the major deficiencies in understanding and practice, and have resulted in Fake Lean and therefore harm to people.

And, as my teaching schedule permits, I like to do some public speaking and Lean leadership training. This income funds my research activities and helps me continue to do the work that I do. But I have no illusions about becoming wealthy from these limited activities. My first responsibility is to my employer.

Some time ago, Mark Graban characterized me as “the greatest advocate for workers and the ‘Respect for People’ principle.” That’s about right.

So, that’s it. Please do not imagine my motivations and aspirations to be anything other than what I have written here.

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