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"I am totally impressed by the breadth and depth of Bob's knowledge and how clearly he communicates the truth about Lean in his blogs and writings. He is possibly the greatest leader of true Lean Thinking alive in the world today." - John D. 

"Bob's writing is passionate and provocative, stretching us to consider the implications as it touches on various aspects of society, economy, politics, and management. - Bruno G.

All blog posts © Bob Emiliani

“Insights for Improvement” Seminar Series
American Higher Education
What I Learned
Lean HE2020 Global Conference Presentation
Get Real: Most Students Hate Classroom Teaching
The Backstory – Eliminating Waste in Teaching
My Contributions to Lean
Why University Teaching Rarely Improves
The Rewards of Teaching
Maintain Academic Excellence?
Excellence in Teaching
Feedforward to Students
Professor Emiliani’s “Nos” for Teaching
Handmade Visual Controls
Final Exams, Final Mistake
Why Universities Don’t Improve
Do University Leaders Care About Teaching?
Evolution in Lean Teaching
Personalizing Discovery and Learning
Lean Governor, Anti-Lean Board of Regents
Resources for Teaching Lean Management
Kaizen for Higher Education
Lean Higher Ed Conference Presentation
New Books: Lean Teaching and Lean University
Graduation Day
Need My Help?
Finding Great Teachers After Graduation
2015 Lean In Higher Ed Conference
How To Get Started With Lean In Higher Ed
Political vs. Merit-Based Change
Third Lean Higher Ed Conference
Why Skills Matter
Engaging Faculty in Lean Teaching
Course Blueprint
A Lost Decade
Professors’ Credibility Problem
Third International Conference on LSS for Higher Ed
Weekly Learning Reflections
Quality Education Charade
Education and Satisfaction
Stasis In Teaching
A Better Way To Teach
Skype With The Lean Professor
Selling Change to Finance VPs
The Value Of A Professor
Lean Teaching Visual Controls
Thoughts on Lean Higher Ed Conference
Lean Higher Ed Conference – Day 2
Lean Higher Ed Conference – Day 1
Engaging Colleagues and Administrators
Visual Controls To Improve Student Learning
My Student Course Evaluations
Fewer Problems, More Time
Improving Critical Thinking
Transparency and Technology
Human Touch vs. Technology
Continuous Flow University
Students At Risk
June 2014 Lean In Higher Ed Conference
Errors Every Day
Breaking the Cycle of Abuse
What Is Good Quality Teaching? – Survey Results
Why Professors Can’t Teach
Grading Horribilis
What Is Good Quality Teaching?
2014 LSS Higher Education Conference
Carnegie Foundation Expert Convening
Teaching Surveys – Interim Results
Lean Must Do No Harm
Teachers’ Grading Tricks
Teaching Clearly
Assessing Assessment Methods
What Students Notice
The Lean Syllabus
Lean Teaching Q&A #6
From Quantity to Quality to Value
Textbook Games
The Academe and the “Real World”
“The Tuition is Too Damn High”
Mistake-Proofing Teaching
Remembering Key Learnings
Rising College Costs
Reflections on Lean Teaching
Unbundling Higher Education
What About Six Sigma?
Learn From Teaching
The MOOC Effect
MOOCs: Teaching for the Short-Term
Clarity of Purpose
Student Evaluations – Part 3
Student Evaluations – Part 2
Student Evaluations – Part 1
What is Lean Teaching?
45 Teaching Errors
Let’s Hear From Some Graduates!
Student as Customer
Do We Practice What We Preach?
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